Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Bit of Humor

Marian Anderson - Feb 1897 - Apr 1993 A Video of Her Singing at the Lincoln Memorial

Casy at the Bat

Do you remember the poem where in Mudville "mighty Casy has struck out" Its a rather long poem to paste on the blog.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Blog

This is for my sister Diana who looks at my blog and notices if I have not produced. Here are seven new Blog entries.

My New Scooter-TravelScooter

It weighs 35 lbs, the battery is lithium and weighs 4 lbs, goes 6 miles and hour, 8 miles on a charge, I can load and unload in the van and lookout I come!

Alcan Highway

I have been over the Alcan nine times. The last time was in 1966. It was not paved. It is now paved. I describe this road as long, mile after mile of trees and mountains and as you can tell it has been 44 years........ and I still remember.

A Poem About Friendship

White Lilacs - My Favorite - If I have done this one before its good to see again!

God's Grace

This evening my granddaughter and I were discussing God's Grace and its meaning. Here is a verse from the Bible about grace.

Bit of Humor

Margy's Pics - Purple Flowers

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Bit of Humor

Photos of Margy's Sunday Drive

View from my dining room table.

Orange flowers in Sun River.

Red Ash Trees

Flowers in Bloomington

Huge barn in Bloomington where the Ward picnic and talent show was held two years ago.

Yellow bush in Bloomington.

Cool looking car for sale in Bloomington.

Houses in Green Valley.

White Oleander

Beautiful blue flowering bush.

Volcanic rock wall in Ivins


Field in Ivins.
Tree I watered everyday for two years in Ivins.

Sun River Parkway.

Rose colored Oleanders side of my driveway.

Gail's front yard.

The Jensen Kids at Play