Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Vincent Van Gogh

Other Plants and Trees - Sun River

My neighbor's fake grass.

In my front yard.

In my front yard.

This is steeper than it looks in the picture.

These blue looking plants are so soft.

Pine Trees.
Interesting Cactus.

Conical House - Harran, Turkey

Among the most important places worth seeing in the vicinity of Sanliurfa is Harran. Harran which was mentioned in the Holy Books, is one of the focal points of faith tourism in Turkey. According to what is written in the Holy Books, the Prophet Abraham stayed in Harran when he was migrating from Sanliurfa towards the south. Terah, the father of the Prophet Abraham, died here. Furthermore, the foundations of the three religions of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed were laid in Harran. The traces of various civilizations founded in Mesopotamia around the historical city of Harran can be observed. The most interesting structure in Harran, an important cultural center where the first University of Islam was located, is the remains of a 40 meter observation tower from the Islamic age. Archaeological excavations in the city are continuing. Besides the Harran remains, which occupy a large area, there is Harran village with conical-shaped houses that are the symbol of the city.

Madison, Wisconsin - Sculptures