Sunday, December 27, 2009

Entrada Sculpture , Red Mountain and the Lava Flow

Red Mountain

Entrance to Snow Canyon State Park and Tuacahn.

Lava Flow

Looking toward white limestone mountain at the end of Snow Canyon.

The forward part of the picture is part of the lava flow.

It is this canyon and area that portions of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "The Electric Horseman" and "Stage Coach" were filmed here as well as several TV shows. Maverick was one of the shows.

Pine Valley Mountain

Looking towards Snow Canyon State Park and Tuacahn entrance.

Entrada Roundabout on the way to Ivins, UT with Red Mountain as a backdrop.

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  1. I photographed this too, in the middle of dinner-time traffic! I am interested in Wild Iberian Horses of Utah. I have a website that tells the history of one famous herd. "In 1519 Spanish Conquistadors reintroduced Iberian HORSES to the New World. In 1606 plains Indian tribes of the Comanche, Pawnee, Dakota and the Rocky Mountain Indians tribes of the Navajo, Paiute, Crow, Ute, Shoshone and Blackfeet all had horses. In 1630, Spanish explorers came with more Iberian horses to Utah. By 1846, when Brigham Young finally came to the Salt Lake Valley, the Iberian Mustang had been in Utah 240 years! There is one famous Utah herd that lives approx. 50 miles west of Milford. They are known as the Sulphur Springs Herd. They are quite unique, as most of the herd has primitive barring". Curious about the Iberian Horse? Contact me.