Friday, February 5, 2010

Michael Paul Halverson - "Butch" Memorial

It has been 47 years since you left our family.
We still miss you.

I remember you giving me money to go to the store for you. You gave me enough to buy a Pepsi, large chocolate bar and bag of barbeque chips. Sometimes I ate my goodies on the store path before I got back.

I remember your love for reading and listening to classical music. You even let me drive your new car! I remember your long talks with Mom. She loved those talks.

You taught me how to play chess. Once at Hidden Lake when I couldn't swim an you held me up while you were completely under water.

You were a good brother and I loved you. I think of all the family gatherings throughout these past 47 years that you were not there to be part of the "Halverson Clan" Yet, you were there in our hearts.

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