Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Songs of Zion" 1918 no. 84

Oh I had such a pretty dream, mamma,
such pleasant and beautiful things;
of a dear little nest, in the meadows of rest,
Where the birdie her lullaby sings. . . .
A dear little stream full of lilies,
crept over the green mossy stones,
And just where I lay, its thin sparkling spray
Sang sweetly in delicate tones. . . .
And as it flowed on toward the ocean,
Thro' shadows and pretty sunbeams,
Each note grew more deep, and I soon fell asleep
And was off to the Island of Dreams. . . .
I saw there a beautiful angel,
With crown all be-spangled with dew;
She touched me and spoke, and I quickly a-woke;
And found there, dear mamma, `twas you.
She touched me and spoke, and I quickly awoke;
And found there, dear mamma `twas you. . . .

—“Songs of Zion,” 1918, no. 184

I first heard this song when I was about 14, over 50 years ago. Kathy Robinson, who had a beautiful voice used to sing the song. Our swim group has a sing fest in the pool and I was singing this song. There were four Mormon woman and three of them knew it was from an old primary song book. I did not know where the song came from...just thought it was beautiful; the words and tune.

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