Friday, May 21, 2010

An Alaskan Memory - Biking

There were many happy hours biking in Anchorage. There were lots of trails and I started back in the mid 70's with a red Schwinn-3 speed bike. I graduated to a 5 speed red bike for several years. I then moved on to a light blue 10 speed for about 4 years. I then bought a green and white classic - no speeds. All the bikes were Shwinn. I then bought a e-bike (electric) and then a Dannon I used for 2 years.

The above picture of the house is the neighborhood of College Village. I rode my classic in the summer time after work around the housing area. Prior to that time I was on the bike and coastal trail. It was oodles of fun. Mike and Gail rode with me on some of those rides and cousin, and friends. I had one flat with Joannie and we had to walk back. Oh, Joannie and I rode out to Eagle River one day. That was a hoot.

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