Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Alaskan Memory - Skiing

The view of Anchorage from Hilltop.
Mt Alyeska
The trails of Hilltop

I was 40 when I started skiing. It was probably the most fun I ever had. I remember the many hours I spent at Hilltop in Anchorage and at Elmendorf, AFB/Army ski areas and Mt Alyeska. All my ski partners were a blast and adventuresome. My daughter Gail, Cousin Joannie, friends Marion and Lois Aden, Nancy Braun, Cousin Jim, and Cousin Frankie Lynn. School buddy Laura and Drew. We sure had fun. Day or night, what a trip, on the lift, taking the jumps the teenagers made, trails in the wood, looking at the view. Wow.....love the memories.....wasn't on oxygen then! The sound of your skis swooshing over the snow, the bite of the cold air on your face and giving it your total concentration whereby your mind and body have to work together in order to negotiate the the trail. You really had to look ahead, especially for the moguls. The most fun we had was hashing over our good time.

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