Monday, April 27, 2009

The Library

Washington County Library - St. George, UT and Loussac Library - Anchorage, AK

I remember in Minneapolis at the ages of 7-9 taking the bus to Camden Park to go to the library. This is where my love of libraries began. We moved to Alaska when I was nine. There was a small library at Swanee Slopes that was volunteer. The school libraries were another favorite. Living in Anchorage as an adult I was able to go to the Loussac Library and their branches at Jewel Lake, the Dimond Mall, Mt. View Branch, Grandview Gardens and the library at Muldoon. Eagle River had a branch about 15 miles away. The move to St. George, brought one library downtown. They then built Santa Clara branch and now one in Washington City. The County of Washington had other libraries you could use: Enterprise -38 miles; Hurricane 25 miles; New Harmony 30 miles; and Zion 40 miles. Mike and I went to all. We went to the ones in the Bay Area as well. These are my favorite places to go!

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