Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Grandchildren

Each one of my grandchildren are special. Take Amy...she is growing up at 13 and so responsible. She has a beautiful singing voice and very artistic. I love her art work. Now Maggie, she is witty, astute and absolutely fun to be around. She is 11 and is observant and astounds me with her breath of knowledge and understanding. These girls amaze me. Matthew is a good looking boy. He is nine, and is a terrific reader. He reads with inflection! He is also one heck of a basketball player. Most of all he is funny and has a great sense of humor. Katie is a happy child with so much energy. She is a delightful, sunshine girl. She is kind and loving. She grandma's girl. I moved here when she was one and I think we bonded. The same is true of Nathan. I love that boy. He is almost 4 years old...I can hear the strains of "Grandma Grandma" at the top of his lungs, then a run, throwing himself on me for his hugs and kisses. So...............what will our Bently Michael be like?

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