Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Wonderful Sunday

Barbie's Tree and Back Yard
I had a terrific time today. I watched Kindergarten Cop with Arnold S. Then I went swimming and ran into my friend Barbie. She invited me to go with her and her husband to their place in Pine Valley Mountain. It was wonderful. I had no idea how beautiful it was up there. It was lightly snowing, and the valley is surrounded by mountains on three sides which had still had some snow on them. Robert and Gail have been trying to get me to go up their for years! I had dinner at the ChuckaRama - the food was great. I then came home, phoned and sang Happy Birthday to Diana and took the scooter out for an hour ride around the golf course by my house. playing a tape "A Thanksgiving of American Folk Hymns" with the chorus and orchestra of the BYU University. To top the whole day off I received a phone call from Nancy another good friend. Wow...what a fun day!

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