Friday, January 22, 2010

Kluane and Muncho Lakes

Kluane Lake - Yukon Territory - Canada

Muncho Lake BC - Canada

Kluane Lake is located in the southwest area of the Yukon. At approximately 400 square kilometres, and 70 kilometres long, it is the largest lake contained entirely within the territorial border. The Alaska Highway follows most of Kluane Lake's southern border, and the drive offers many spectacular views of the lake.

Remote Muncho Lake is located within Muncho Lake Provincial Park on the Alaska Highway, west of Toad River and south of Liard River. Muncho Lake displays a perpetually blue hue, the result of copper oxides leached from the bedrock.

I have many visual memories of these two lakes from the 1950's - 1960's. Very remote and long around Kluane - close to 70 miles with no gas station. Muncho Lake because the man in the lodge was full and charged my Dad for sleeping in the lobby. We had been in a really bad snowstorm and my Dad thought we should not continue in the whiteout. Going around Mucho lake was along the water and very narrow road.

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