Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sheep Mountain - Alaska

February 1970, three girls from my dorm at the University of Alaska - Fairbanks and I drove down to Anchorage 425 miles in my Ford Falcon. We left Fairbanks at Midnight and it was 25 below. After driving 100 miles to Big Delta and a stop, we took off. It was a clear and windy night and all the big trucks were on the road.

The wind was blowing very hard so I pulled off to the side of the road before I entered the pass my next goal was Paxton lodge. We had gotten to Paxton Lodge about 6:00 am. Our next stop was the Eureka with about 140 miles.

When we were 100 miles away - going down the North side of Sheep Mountain and we were headed up the other side almost to the top when my car stopped. I started to back into the mountain and thought I ought to try starting the started! I stayed in first gear until I had rounded the corner. I shifted into second the to 3rd. It would not stay in third so I drove it 50 miles in second until we got to Palmer.

Fifty miles to go, I called home and told my Mother we were on our way and if we didn't get there in an hour to come and get us. Well we made it but it wouldn't stay in second so we drove it in first. I told the girls we would have to take the train back to Fairbanks. A friend of mine took my car to a gas station where he gave me new points and plugs, oil change and so on. We drove back to Fairbanks after the Fur Rondevous.

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