Friday, May 1, 2009

1960's Alaska Memories

I was looking at some old photos that had been archived from Alaska's Digital Archives that brought back some memories of my young adult life in the 1960's. There were many photos however; and I was unable to copy them. There were lots of memories reminding me of fun times. One photo of the old Providence Hospital on L Street brought back memories of the 5 days I spent there with strep throat! More pleasant memories were of the Nikko Gardens, Rabbit Creek Inn and the Chefs Inn. There was a picture of Lucy Cuddy, Board President of the 1st National Bank on 4th Avenue. One of my jobs at the bank from 3:00-3:30 was to tell people the bank was closed. One day she came to the door and asked to come in. I told her no and she asked me if I knew who she was? I let her in after that incident. They had a picture of the Carpenters Hall. They had Friday night dances for the teenager. I only went to one. I played city basketball for one season. I skated over on the pond on 9th avenue, ate lunch many days at Berts Drug Store on corner of 4th and G street. My favorite was grilled cheese with a piece of pecan pie. There were many photos of the 1964 Earthquake - not so pleasant. I could go on about this time period, dragging Northern Lights Blvd. with Dave, and so on............

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