Friday, May 8, 2009

Victory Memorial Parkway - Minneapolis, MN

One of my favorite place to play when I was young. In May there were thousands of white crosses in the center that ran along the Parkway. Both sides of were lined with beautiful homes.

Boundaries: A landscaped parkway extending north from the intersection of Theodore Wirth Parkway and Lowry Avenue to 45th Avenue North, then extending east to Humboldt Avenue North and the entrance to Webber Park.

Neighborhood(s): Cleveland, Victory, Webber-Camden

Historic Profile: Victory Memorial Drive, a landscaped boulevard commemorating fallen World War I soldiers from Hennepin County, is recognized as the largest war memorial in the Twin Cities. As part of the Grand Rounds, a 50-mile tour of parkways and parks encircling Minneapolis, Victory Memorial Drive is a 3.8-mile stretch extending north along Theodore Wirth Parkway from Lowry Avenue North to 45th Avenue North and east to Humboldt Avenue North and the entrance of Webber Park.

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