Thursday, May 28, 2009

Clouds - Fluffers

Cloud Verse

Gentle giants rolling through the sky
They pull at my desires
Make me want to shoot up in the air and fly so high

Tiny droplets of water creating such a beautiful sight Reflecting luminescence off the sun And scattering into a magnificent white

Fantastic shapes are strolling by
I see rabbits and princesses
Occurring way up high

Oh what I would give to be a cloud
To be lovely and puffy
To be oh so proud

Parading my beauty each and every day
Omitting wonder and awe
All along the way.

© Victoria Bell. 2009


  1. Aunt Margy,
    I don't know where you find these pictures, but I love them! Also, I meant to tell you, I love the black background of the blog with the colored font. It really stands out.