Saturday, May 9, 2009

Webber-Camden Park - Victory Memorial Parkway

Webber-Camden is the largest and one of seven neighborhoods in the Camden Community in northwest Minneapolis. Webber-Camden extends from Interstate 94 on the east and Penn and Newton avenues to the west to Dowling Avenue on the south and Webber Parkway on the north. In 1995, the neighborhood added “Webber” to the original name “Camden”, changing the name to “Webber-Camden”. The neighborhood has industrial zones and a mix of middle-class and working-class homes.

Patrick Henry High School is within the Webber-Camden borders with elementary schools in bordering neighborhoods. Hamilton Manor is high-rise housing (219 units) designed for senior citizens. Beautiful Webber Park connects to the Mississippi River to the east. Webber-Camden neighborhood gets its name from Webber Park and Webber Parkway, which were both named after Charles C. Webber, who donated a portion of the land for the park. Webber-Camden was also named after Camden, New Jersey.

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